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This is the same thing if someone applies a granular fertilizer and then it rains a 1/4 inch. That small amount of rain is enough to dissolve some of the fertilizer, but it will also be very strong and as a result burn the grass. This is what is happening when a dog takes a pee on the grass.. On December 12th, 2014, a little boy got off the school bus on a rural road in Economy, Pennsylvania and stumbled upon something kind of unusual: a severed goddamned head, lying in a field. The head belonged to an old woman, and because CSI is magic these days, investigators were able to determine that she was local to either Pennsylvania or its surrounding states („This is clearly not the bestial cranium of a Wisconsinite!”). But, that’s where it ended she didn’t match the profile of any missing person, and the rest of her body has never been found..

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