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It okay if they choose not to exercise that option

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captainstormy 2 points submitted 2 days ago

As a gun owner myself, who is not convinced of the absolute right for anyone and everyone to own a gun, my friend experience is something I think about a lot. With proper training in fighting/self defense techniques, or mace, or a stun gun, or something else, could she have Canada Goose online avoided killing the man? Could she have defeated his attempt to hurt her with Canada Goose Outlet less than lethal means?

Here is the issue. Hand to hand training isn a great solution for self defense. Some people are big, some people are strong. Some people are fast and some are slow. I 6 tall and a very big guy. I also a Canada Goose Coats On Sale very strong guy. For that matter, I also have quite a canada goose uk shop bit of hand to hand combat training. I mean actual hand to hand combat training, not just something from a strip mall in suburbia. Thinking that an average 5 110 woman could defend herself from me with hand canada goose clearance to hand fighting is plain silly. Could some of them? Sure. But that level of skill canada goose uk black friday and training is above most people reach.

canada goose deals Defending yourself in a hand to hand fight also goes right out the window for a lot of people with health and age issues. I know a guy for example that looks is in his 30s and looks very healthy from the outside. However, due to canada goose coats on sale an accident he had to have his spine surgery repaired. One good punch or kick could easily kill him due to that medical condition.

buy canada goose jacket I also been maced before as part of training. While yes it pissed me off, and affected Canada Goose Parka my Canada Goose Jackets breathing and canada goose vision. I absolutely could and did continue to physically struggle and fight while being maced.

As for Tazers and stun guns. They have very mixed results. For one, some of them require you to be within arms reach of the attacker. That just a bad spot tactically speaking. The rest of canada goose uk outlet them have some range, but if you miss the shot it now useless.

cheap Canada Goose Even if you hit the attacker with canada goose clearance sale it. It has cheap canada goose uk mixed results. On some people they are very effective and on others they aren very effective at canada goose black friday sale all.

canada goose Ask yourself this. If your friend didn defend her life would she still be here today? From what you describe I expect the answer is no.

Regardless of rather that man woke up today and thought he was going to beat a person to canadian goose jacket death or not, that is what happened. People need to be able to defend themselves, and they need to be able to do it with the best possible method. That method, hands down is a firearm.

The old saying in the west was „God made man, Sam Colt mad them equal”. That was true in the 1800s, and it still true today. Firearms are the great equalizer of force, and they are effective 100% of the time if properly used.

canada goose clearance sale happycj 1 point submitted 2 days ago

Yeah, this is my experience as well. And you make excellent points about the efficacy of other non lethal deterrents.

Having canada goose black friday lived and worked in Europe for more than a decade, and spent a couple of years in the Balkans during the wars there, the only civilians I know who have died by guns are Americans, at the hands of other Americans, in America.

Canada Goose sale I’ve lost 8 different friends to American lunatics with guns. And haven’t lost a single European friend to gun violence.

canada goose clearance So when stuff like this happens, I try to dig in and think deeply about it. Weigh all the other options. Consider all the angles.

Canada Goose Outlet Is a gun the only answer uk canada goose outlet in some situations? Of course. But, as you clearly know, the gun isn’t the whole answer; you Canada Goose Online also have to be trained, familiar and skilled with your weapon, able to draw and control it in a life or death situation, and finally, be willing to use it if the need ever arises.

Fortunately, all those factors came together for cheap Canada Goose my friend.

canada goose store I firmly believe that people have a right to self defense. It okay if they choose not to exercise that option. As long as that is their choice. It shouldn be the governments choice to take it away from them.

Like you said, there are other options for those who don want to use a firearm. People are free to buy canada goose jacket cheap choose those. Just keep in mind that while guns have killed some of your friends, they also saved another.

Canada Goose Jackets When people say that a gun is a tool, a lot of people blow that off as rhetoric. But it truly is. Guns don do anything on their own, they are just a tool people use to do things. Good, bad or otherwise.

canada goose coats I been behind a gun since I was old enough to hold one. I used them for fun, I used them to feed my family, I Canada Goose sale used them to serve my country and I carried canada goose store them in self defense. I learned learned in life that you can really stop bad people from doing canada goose factory sale bad things. uk canada goose They will find a way to do it if they want.

Canada Goose online LIke this for example. A terrorist group in China killed 33 people and injured 130 others with knives.

The problem is bad people and violent thoughts. Not the tool with which they choose to carry out those thoughts.

happycj 1 point submitted 2 days ago

Canada Goose Parka I agree with everything you said, and have similar experience, except never having served in the military. (Was a civilian contractor.)

canada goose black friday sale But there is something else going on here, as well, and the gun is the symptom of the problem.

We shoot each other, and ourselves, far more than any other country in the world. Other countries have their own problems, of course, but gun related violence in America is extraordinary by any measure you choose to use.

canadian goose jacket As buy canada goose jacket a responsible gun owner, and someone who has friends on both canada goose coats sides of the weapon, asking these questions and having discussions like this, seems like the responsible thing to do.

canada goose coats on sale Thanks for talking about it with me. This has been helpful for me, as I process my beliefs and thoughts.

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